In a time of change and unrest,
their worlds clashed...
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...and a great love story was born.

North and South, the Musical is a stage adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel.  The musical is in two acts, and lasts approximately two hours.  It contains some dialogue, but is mostly sung-through.  There are minimal dancing requirements.  It showcases trained voices, and has role opportunities for both young and older actors.

Photos by Quade Smith
Cast Requirements

1 Woman
1 Man

4 Women
4 Men

Mill workers, shady townspeople, party guests, masters


Margaret Hale
(age 20+, dark brown hair)
An independent-minded young woman with a keen sense of social justice, sophisticated manners, and a polished education.

Mr. Hale
(age 50+)
Margaret's father, a scholar and clergyman.

Edith Lennox
(age 20+, blonde)
Margaret's long-time, somewhat superficial friend.

Henry Lennox (age 30+, blonde)
Edith's brother, a successful lawyer, clever and with unstable temperament, whose obsession with Margaret grows out of proportion - he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

John Thornton (age 30+, a strong man with an unkempt, dark complexion)
Rough-mannered, self-made owner of a cotton mill in Milton, who brought his family out of poverty into prominence.

Mrs. Thornton (age 50+)
Always wearing black, Thornton's mother is a woman with tremendous strength, who helped her son rise to prominence and is entirely devoted to him.

Nicholas Higgins (age 50+)
A worker at Thornton's mill - a strong, rough, impressive man, an idealist and born leader, and leader of the worker's union.

Bessy Higgins (age 20-)
Higgins' daughter, gentle, sick, and crushed by a life of poverty and hard labor.  Only in Act I.

Boucher (age 40+)
A trouble-maker who works at Thornton's mill.

Fanny Thornton (age 20+)
Thornton's vain, feeble-minded sister.

Mill overseer
Fanny's f
Masters 1 and 2
Policemen 1 and 2
Mill workers, shady townspeople, party guests

Set Requirements

North and South, the Musical takes place in 1855 England.  The two locations are Helston, a rural town in the south of England, and Milton, an industrial town in the north of England.

Helston train station platform (south)
*    The courtyard outside Thornton's cotton mill and home (north)
A dark, shady street at night (north)
Lennox's study (south)
Thornton's living room (north)
*    Inside Thornton's cotton mill (north)
Inside an Inn with two rooms (north)
Inside Higgins' house (north)
Milton train station platform (north)
Hales' living room (north)

Minimum Production Requirements

Mrs. Thornton
Bessy (and/or) Fanny/Edith

Boucher/Mr. Hale
Overseer/Fiancé/Master/Doctor/Train Attendand

The courtyard outside Thornton's cotton mill and home (north)
The inside of Thornton's cotton mill (north)

Optional sets:
Inn with two rooms, Lennox's study, Thornton's living room, Hale's living room, train station platforms, shady street, Higgins' home.

North and South, the Musical
Music by Marcia Marchesi
Book and Lyrics by Patricia Marchesi
(c) 2008-2010 Marcia and Patricia Marchesi