In a time of change and unrest,
their worlds clashed...
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...and a great love story was born.

Act One

A New Beginning 


Masters and Hands 


North and South 


Evenin', Miss 


Time Will Tell 

(Margaret, Edith, Lennox)

Between the Lines 


It's Worse than We Thought 

(Fanny and Mrs. Thornton)

(You and I See) Everything So Differently 

(Margaret, Thornton, Mrs. Thornton, Bessy, Mr. Hale)

Love Is Just Like the Wind 

(Mrs. Thornton and Thornton)

It Was Two Months Ago - reprise

 (Boucher and Higgins)

The Strike Is On


Live Life for Me 

(Bessy and Margaret)

Party of the Year 


Here I Find Myself at Last 

(Margaret and Thornton)

Live Life for Me - reprise

(Bessy and Margaret)

My Best Investment Yet - reprise 


Violent Demands

 (Thornton, Margaret, Higgins, Boucher and Ensemble)

Act Two

I Can No Longer Wait 

(Thornton and Margaret)

Nothing But Hands - reprise 


Love Is Not Like the Wind - reprise 

(Mrs. Thornton and Thornton)

Watercolor in the Rain 


Time Is Quickly Ticking By  

(Lennox and Mr. Hale)

Evenin', Sir - reprise 

(Boucher and Lennox)

Carousel of Life 

(Margaret, Thornton, Mrs. Thornton and Higgins)

A Chilly Night 


A Madness I Can't Fight - reprise 

(Margaret and Lennox)

A Ghost from Her Past


If You Chose to Stay - reprise

(Margaret and Thornton)

North and South, the Musical
Music by Marcia Marchesi
Book and Lyrics by Patricia Marchesi
(c) 2008-2010 Marcia and Patricia Marchesi